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Business is all about buying and selling, and the quintessence of e-commerce. However, as we stepped into the mobile Internet era, it is more of m-commerce we are talking. We buy and sell all over the Internet, to visit online shops use mobile assistants, and we are focused and acquisition-oriented when we do it. It is not the first year that we make online purchases, and certainly not the last. Let us take a brief tour through some m-commerce statistics that you might find interesting.

1 of the 1.2 billion people worldwide surf the web through their mobile phones. Online shopping is one of the most popular mobile activities as it shifted from the casual desktop shopping we got used to. What’s more – it’s not likely we’ll leave that for next year, so that online business can be a very profitable business.

2. When we talk about traffic around the world, mobile occupies about 15%, which is expected to only grow next year.

3. No Screen size occupies more than 20% of the market. This means that the importance of responsive websites for all screen sizes “, which has been increasingly high this year, has no place to fall.

4. 81% of smartphone purchases are spontaneous. Simple, attractive and informative mobile shops are winners today, and will continue to rely on. 88% of mobile customers agree to a smartphone makes them more open to discover new things and automatically make purchases.

5. If we talk more about mobile phone shop, it is interesting to note that 51% of customers usually make mobile research and then go to the brick-and-mortar store to buy; 17%, versus the first visit stores to find the product, then shop online; 44% completed the entire circuit network; while 32% look for products online, then go to stores to try just end up going back to their devices and purchase online.

6. 90% of people use more than one device to perform his job – at least we have a laptop, which is great content generation tool and a smartphone, which is almost as good in consumption there. Then we have tablets and desktops (the latter, however, in terms of screen resolution is near laptop. Here we go again responsive websites.

7. For those who do not think of mobile phones: 30% of customers abandon the purchase if the conditions are not mobile optimized. And mobile grows, the number of those who will not tolerate bad mobile experience, will grow as well.

8. We got so used to mobile phones that 71% of us expect mobile websites to load at least as soon as our desktops. 57% of mobile customers leave the website if they have to wait more than 3 seconds before a page begins to load. According to Amazon, a 100ms increase in load time leads to a 1% decline in sales.

9. 63% of customers expected to change even more in the mobile shopping next year on. What’s interesting, 60% of customers use their smartphones than in brick-and-mortar stores, and 50% of the way to the store.

10. 61% of us agree that they care much more about the brand if it offers good mobile experience in promoting products and services for purchase. 57% will not recommend a company with a bad mobile home, but 41% switch to competitors by inferior mobile experience.

11. Never underestimate the board shopping. 52% of its users prefer them over the desktop to shop. 72% do shopping activity each week. And what is the most charming and seems obvious at the same time, is that tablet owners are about 3 times more likely to purchase than smartphone owners.

It was also noted that the offer no mobile experience for mobile customers is as close store one day a week, lose all the revenue that could be yours.

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