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We all need heroes

As a kid I used to love Transformers. Optimus Prime was my hero. He was strong, but had a limit, and both knew how to lead and how to attack those around him (and who would not love to be able to convert!). He encouraged me, and he was just a cartoon character.

As an adult, my heroes are different than they used to be, but it motivates me is mostly the same: I admire strong people who have real challenges successfully. I admire leaders who can cast a vision, and who knows how to work with others to make that vision become real. I admire people who know their limits and get help.

Business is no different. There are heroic leaders of the company, and they do the same as other heroes do: face and overcome challenges, leadership, help … they inspire us. Here are some of my heroes, and I hope they inspire you.

Ray Anderson

Anderson is considered by many to be the Steve Jobs of sustainable production. Jobs led Apple to be the industry defines a leader who turned heads on many fronts, and Anderson has done the same for Interface Flooring, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of combined carpets and broadloom fabrics. He was known in environmental circles its position on industrial ecology and sustainability, and especially the efforts of pioneering interface to conduct a “project zero” aggressively eliminating waste from the manufacturing process, neutralizing their carbon footprint, and thus far, adapting its production to Use impressive 49% recycled, bio-based or raw materials. And until concrete vision in 1994.

Fabio Rosa

I’ve just met Fabio Rosa once, but I will never forget him. As a Brazilian, he has made it his life mission to bring sustainable energy to Brazil rural Amazon areas. Where families regularly use kerosene lamps indoors (literally killing themselves slowly from vapors), efforts are Fabio is now describe homes with solar panels. It’s amazing what we take for granted. Simple light can provide opportunities for rural poor family to go to school and learn at home. A larger solar panel can power a refrigerator. Genius Fabio was financing his model makes families have solar power for no more than the same monthly cost that they spent before on kerosene. Fabio is a social entrepreneur who found a way to make the task of his life make business sense, rent solar panels. He has literally brought light and life to the dark region.

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor is an old friend of mine who does not know that I’m bragging about it, but I love what he has done to the environment committee. Bruce created the Environmental stewards offering ecological consulting with industry trends, among other things. They are humble big companies of the few specialists based in Elmira, Ontario. They help one customer at a time, and watch their footsteps as they do. As Environmental Consultants I suppose you can expect more of them than the other, but they have taken sustainability in inspiring ways. Bruce spends a lot of personal time volunteering his clean water projects in developing countries. With Environmental jury, he launched a program in which other companies can buy “Sustainability Credits” to help to safe drinking water in southern Sudan. Eco Stewards was also one of the first companies to join the Regional Carbon Initiative in the home region of Waterloo, and they are working to reduce their carbon footprint by 80%. They are true leaders.

Heroes Need Help

Imagine Batman without Alfred or Commissioner Gordon. The Lone Ranger without tanto. Or even Dora without Boots. Anderson, Rosa, and Taylor would all be quick to tell you about the many good people around without the help they would not be a deal. As Environmental jury, are the other members of the Regional Carbon Initiative Waterloo is encouraged to have a “green team” means a group of internal stakeholders (employees) to help craft and implement “green” vision for the company. These teams need a leader, and they need appropriate support from the administrative level, but they also need the freedom to add value. Green Teams are the key to take the vision of the leader and make it something that all staff may have. Without participation, the leaders will result in which no one is left.

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